500 Dangerous Spiritual Prayer Points: For self-deliverance

If you spend more time with God, men and women will be looking for you. And I am telling you the truth, you cannot be a part time Christian and defeat a full-time devil. To deal with the devil and give him and his demons technical knocking, you must be a full-time Christian and also hot fire brand like high tension for Jesus Christ.

This book will surely unfold the mysteries of the power of prayers and the patterns of prayers that will help you to pray your way out to a break-through of success. This book will prepare you how to understand the powers of darkness that conflicts your mind and teaches you how to fight this battle through the power of prayers, because if here is a man to pray, there is God to answer. Heavens await you to attend your requests. According to His will and His words that are powerful that can destroy the powers that are fighting your destiny, your star, and your dreams not to come true or get to your desired destinations in life.

This book is about self-deliverance to help you in all the areas of your life. By the grace of God, He will free you from the evil captivity of the powers of darkness. This book will serve as a devotion tool to enlighten, educate, and teach millions of Christians in the kingdom how to outline their prayer points and pray their way out of problems by presenting their matters before God Almighty. This world is full of wickedness in the high and low places, not knowing whom to trust and how to deal with the satanic powers and demons that are busy destroying human lives. One way or the other, with many problems going up and down, because every new level that you attend in this life also has a new devil. The only way to defeat this unseen enemies, with their wickedness of the wicked, is by working with Jesus side by side. You must be hot all the time as a firebrand Christian. Jesus is Lord.

--Michael Chioma Udochukwu