72: Celestial Logbooks of the Gold and Copper Invaders

72: Celestial Logbooks of the Gold and Copper Invaders describes the bright celestial objects that were used for calendars and navigation for the last 10,000 years. This required counting and measuring angles which the prehistory and even pre-Ice Age cultures knew. This enabled these cultures to hunt, gather, and explore by boat looking for precious metals to sustain their cultures.

Initial editorial reviews: “WOW, Magnificent, Beyond Significant.”

Jim Egan, Curator, Newport Tower Museum: “Brilliant out of the box thinking.”

A past Kirkus Review stated: “…McMahon’s reasoning is far from far-fetched... with an elegantly simple process of following history’s clues…the ancient rock art symbols of seafaring communication.”

Lonnie Davis, Curator Historian, Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park, “Eye-opening  .... The blinders finally came off!”

The following bright celestial objects are described and analyzed: Sun: circles, rectangles, diamonds, spirals, and solstice latitudes

Moon: crescents, circles, rectangles, and lunar standstill latitudes Venus (72): hearts, rectangles, pentagons, and relative longitudes

Sirius and Canopus: the eyes as pointer stars to the North and South Pole stars

North Pole stars: Polaris, Thuban, Vega, and Deneb as the golden 30° rectangle

Winter Triangle: Orion, the hunter, and his dogs, the equilateral triangle

Summer Navigation Triangle: Northern Cross as passageways and chronometers

Golden Location Triangle: Libra, le Balance, what is shipped is received

The celestial object’s geometries were built into a culture’s mound and temple structures becoming celestial observatories. These were sacred because they represented information concerning the locations of mines, storage facilities, harbors, temples, and “home.”

Geometric diffusionism came from the westward-bound seafaring explorers with their roots coming from the Fertile Crescent. Celestial counting and geometries form a universal calendar and navigation language. The rock art shows the actual relative latitudes to the Sun solstices and Venus-based relative longitudes to a prime starting location of island locations (stargates) that were associated with the seafaring trips in search of gold and copper.

--Donald J. McMahon, Symbologist