The Warrior Inside

The Warrior Inside details the life events of Jeanette Golden. As a very young girl, Jeanette was caught in a web of poverty and sexual and physical abuse. In spite of her situation, her warrior spirit gave her an inner strength and tenacity to survive. She was determined to be an overcomer and fight for her destiny.

In her early teenage years, Jeanette made a decision. She would not allow the circumstances that shrouded her life to define her future. Throwing a few belongings in a sack, she left her house of horror and found a place of refuge living under a bridge.

A loving family by the name of Kurtz became aware of Jeanette's homeless lifestyle. They took Jeanette in, adopted her, and raised her as one of their own. Under Mom Barbara Kurtz's tutelage, Jeanette became a born-again Christian. Jeanette's life would never be the same.

Moving forward, Jeanette earned her bachelor of science degree, fell in love, and married Dr. Gary Golden. Together they would build a new life in Hemphill, Texas. There Jeanette became involved in her church and her community. Her warrior spirit and her strong faith in God took her to new heights.

Jeanette dared to believe for the impossible to become possible. Nothing could stand in her way: Stage 4 cancer, the miraculous birth of her sons, the unbelievable and insurmountable community and church activities, the overturning a Texas Department of Transportation law prohibiting religious highway signs on personal property, and her remarkable resolve to restore her relationship with her biological family.

God indeed had taken a young girl out of the darkest abyss and placed her upon a solid rock. Through her life, a light would shine like one of the brightest stars.

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--Jeanette Golden and Charlene Maxfield

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