A Comet's Tale: Quite Tickety-boo and So True

“A Comet’s Tale, Quite Tickety-boo and So True”It is an adventure like no other in space and time. Join Calvin for a fantastic trip through our solar system from the fall reaches in the universe beginning in the Oort Cloud careening through the vastness of the solar system planet by planet and mile by mile. Calvin paints you a magnificent mural of the planets and distance between each until the solar center, our sun, comes into view, and the battle begins as he has to overcome its gravitational strength. Will he survive or plunge toward the sun and be engulfed? If he doesn’t return to the Oort Cloud, his story will not be told. How many planets did you see? Did you learn their names? Were they the same or different? Were there dangers, and is it what you expected? Let Calvin be your guide.

--Don Densmore