A Fork in the Road: Wife, Caregiver, Widow

This book is about the different situations you encounter when you are a caregiver to your spouse. How so many obstacles can come against you, but also how you can meet each one with the help of the Holy Spirit, how he is there to comfort and guide you on the caregiver road and also on the widow’s road. This will help you see that you are not the only one on this road that has a widow’s brain. A term that many use when you think you are losing it. Surprisingly, there are so many that are going through the same thing you are going through. This will help you to get to that moment in your life to see that you might feel alone, but there is a lot of support for you in this wilderness moment. This will also show you how not to hold negative feelings over people’s heads that should have done things but didn’t do, but you can shake it off and continue to walk because you are not walking alone. This book will show you that when you are in your darkest, you can look and see a glimpse of light shining to lead you through the path that the Lord has for you. This book also has a one word getting through survival and help in making it into the next minute, second of the tough road. When you can’t focus on reading a whole paragraph of anything, but you know if I just have one like a life donut to hold on to that will, do it for me. One word to tie me over, that’s all I need to make it. A space you can put your notes. There is a little humor in the book because we need laughter; it is the medicine that we need right now.

--Ruby Daggett