A Heartbeat in Danger

High school cheerleader Stacy Kent dreams of an ideal future with her boyfriend, star halfback Tucker Hamilton. After unexpected tragedy befalls the couple, she is left with a life-altering decision. Surprised to discover she is pregnant and feeling isolated from her divorced parents, Stacy is confronted by a future she never expected.In a misguided attempt at avoiding this responsibility, she is met in her dreams by a stranger, who carefully guides her through an unknown future for her child. Exposed to both beautiful and unsettling glimpses into her child’s life, Stacy must reexamine her belief that to remain free of this responsibility is the right one.Forced to watch her child endure hardship and success, Stacy comes to a surprising realization about her own tenuous relationship with her mother. Will she seek to repair the damage done from years of defiance, or will she continue to embrace the unsettled anger between them? Will she allow her child the freedom to discover life on her own or chase her now-hollow, unfulfilled dreams?Whatever the outcome, it will require a level of commitment she is uncertain she can attain.

--Dan Morrow