A Home for Hope

When tragedy strikes too close to home, can three broken people help each other heal? Darcy Collins is living her dream of being a wife and, hopefully soon, a mother. But when her husband leaves on the night of their first-year anniversary to help a victim of domestic abuse, her dream begins to shatter. She wakes the next morning to police knocking on her door, and the search for her missing husband begins. Steve Parnell, recently returned from his service in the Navy, is surprised to hear his sister, Cindy, is married. He’s even more shocked to see her name on the news as a suspect, along with her husband, in the kidnapping of Dr. Collins. He quickly returns to Charleston to find out all he can about the investigation. It’s there he meets Darcy. On impulse, Darcy offers that Steve can stay with her until the investigation is over, and an awkward friendship is formed. The one bright spot in the midst of their worry is Hope, a young girl recently orphaned, whom Darcy agrees to foster. As the investigation drags on, Steve, Darcy, and Hope grow closer together, bonded by their shared grief. Meanwhile, questions and fears abound. Is Darcy’s husband still alive? Could Cindy really be involved in the kidnapping, or is she, too, a victim? Will Darcy be able to keep Hope if her husband doesn’t return? Where is God when hope seems so far away?

--Kimberly Sprayberry