A Jesus Kinda Day: Devotional Journal

A Jesus Kinda Day has been a labor of love since late 2017. A devotional born during a time of recovery for the author. Experiencing the loss of her husband was a heartbreaking and traumatic time in her life. Through it all she would read her Bible and devotionals. But there were so many times she could not read or think, and it was more crying out to God. After the Lord came for Stephen she was still in a daze but started reading the Bible and devotionals again and this time she would put her thoughts down and started sending them every day by text to family and friends to encourage them. She was still struggling with her loss but sending the text and others telling her how helpful the messages were gave her joy in knowing God was using her pain and healing to comfort others. As time passed some of those receiving the text said she should seek out a publisher. The Lord opened the door and A Jesus Kinda Day was created. Her prayer is that this devotional brings you encouragement, joy and healing in the Lord. May you have "A Jesus kinda day" every day.

--Penny Bellofatto