A Love Song Just for You

A Love Song Just for You highlights God’s supernatural and transformative love for his beloveds, as revealed through the Song of Solomon, a love song written by God just for His beloveds. Not everyone is a “beloved,” but everyone can become a “beloved” son or daughter of God. A Love Song Just for You leads you on a personal journey of introspection and sings out to you to “internalize the love.” Do you know what it means to be one of God’s beloveds—the love and the relationship? Do you really love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength—what should this love look like? Do you really know how to love yourself and others—“the Bible” way? A heart wholly surrendered to our heavenly Father in Christ Jesus is all He seeks! Walking in His love in the power of the Holy Spirit will do the rest! Oh, how He loves His beloveds! Finally, you can check your “Level of Loving” (LoL) by using the creative tools in the section “Encouraging God’s Beloveds in the Things of God.” Enjoy the journey!

--Gloria Johnson