A Philadelphia Christian in Beelzebub's Court

This book is a treatise for God, who is deserving of a family of holy people. It is for God, who commands a holy lifestyle from those for whom His Son died and rose again. This book clearly explains how most Christians have been taught erroneous things regarding a holy lifestyle over a period of the last seventy-five to one hundred years. By comparing the charges Christ gave to the seven churches or church ages, in the book of Revelation, we see positive and negative blueprints for the types of Christians living today. Christ gave this direct revelation to the apostle John with the intention that the comparison should strike the hearts of believers and allow them to see that there are positive church types living then and today (Smyrna and Philadelphia) and negative church types living then and today (Ephesus and Laodicea). If any of today’s believers in the latter group are sadly justifying their lives, they need to know that there is still time to change.

--S. C. Cundiff