A Pocketful of Pearls

A Pocketful of Pearls is a book of priceless inspirational messages for relaxation and enjoyment. “Pearls” are a helpful tool to help recognize, change, and/or eliminate unwanted things in your life, things that have been keeping you from your desired goals and from the life you were created to live.God is constantly talking with us; however, with our busy life situations, we don’t stop to listen. I listened. And God gave me A Pocketful of Pearls. As a result of many conversations with God in my quiet time, A Pocketful of Pearls was born. Through reflections, overcomings, and revelations received, I improved my perception of life and my place in it. This book is for those that want to live life in a state of joyful praise, peace, and harmony. The truth I found helped me, and I have to share it with you.The messages (pearls) came as a result of life situations and learning moments I now share through messages of strength, faith, happiness, love, fun, empathy, and praise and social situations, poems, and stories, as well as other revelations. Through these various messages, it is my hope, or rather my prayer, that these “pearls” uplift, inspire, and encourage someone; and then I would have accomplished my goal.

--Rev. Dr. Lewis J. Holmes