A Purpose for Avery

Avery Butler is a young doctor fresh out of medical school who is determined to serve God in all aspects of his life. On a mission trip to Papua New Guinea, we find Avery administering vaccines to a village of indigenous people on the Fly River.Whether he is telling others about Jesus or how he lives his life for Jesus, Avery is continually fulfilling his purpose that God intended for him. While getting to know the people of this remote part of the world, he comes to the realization that he may have a bigger impact on the people of this village than he originally thought.What he doesn’t know yet is how his influence on others—through his actions and his character—will become a representation of his love for God.He finds that not only does he have the desire to serve his patients at work, his community, and his family, but also across the globe.How much impact could one man’s God-given purpose have on a global scale?

--Martin Lundquist