A Requiem for Evolution

Does God really exist? How can we be scientifically, mathematically,logically, theologically and personally sure of His existence?Why did God create the universe?Why is there evil in the world, and if there is a God, why did He let that happen?Do you suffer from HEXAKOSIOIHEXEKONTAHEXAPHOBIA?When was Jesus Christ really born? How old was He when He was crucified?What does the number 666 mean? Who is the Antichrist?What is Heaven Like? Is Hell real?What is the most difficult passage of the Bible? What are the four verses in theBible no one can possibly understand? What can the 70 Weeks of Daniel have to sayabout the end of the World?Is the Bible really the word of God? Are the biblical verses the words of Godin the words of men, or simply the words of men? What sets the Bible apart fromany ordinary book?How can anyone study the Bible? Is the clergy the only entity with themental and spiritual fortitude to understand the Holy Scriptures?What are some of the patterns of the Holy Scriptures?Are the biblical markers reliable?What is Salvation arguably the most misunderstood word in the entire Bible?How can anyone be sure of His salvation?Who do you think are the top 100 most important people of all time? Doesyour list match the author’s (Please, use the “MY TOP 100 INDIVIDUALSOF ALL TIME” form at the end of the book and start ranking your top 100most important individuals of all time! Then post your list on as many socialmedia platforms as possible, and e-mail it to Piwb101@aol.com).A Requiem for Evolution provides refreshing answers to those very importantquestions.

--Pierre W. Beausejour