A Supernatural Love: Love on Purpose

Novalynn Roberts is a typical teen—nothing special about her, or so she believes. When her mother forces her on a family vacation, which includes her best friend whom she secretly has a crush on, she is thrown into the thralls of an all-out emotional breakdown. When he makes a decision that will change their lives forever, she is put on the roller coaster of life that she can’t seem to get a grip on. She finds comfort in relationships with the most unlikely people and alliances she never thought possible. When others start to see a difference in her that they can’t quiet put their finger on, she starts to question whether the power of love is a weakness or a strength and if what makes a person special has anything to do with who you are or the gifts placed in you. Will she figure it out in time to save her relationships? Novalynn isn’t sure…

--Shivon E. Shiloh

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