A Veteran's Guide to Right Living: Saving Our Military Lives Through The Word

A Veteran’s Guide to Right Living: Saving Our Military Lives through The Word is a book about my journey, which started with the United States Navy and integrated into a life filled with drug addiction, posttraumatic stress disorder, and being homeless on the streets of Baltimore City, sleeping in abandoned buildings and panhandling for small change. During this time, my nephew, Private Clifford Williams, who recently joined the United States Army Infantry Division, was killed in front of his home while holding his newborn baby in his arms. During this time, Clifford was only on fifteen-day leave from the Afghanistan war on terrorism. If I had put my trust and faith in the Lord while serving my country, maybe I would not have gone through as much turmoil, self-doubt, and postmilitary syndrome upon exiting the navy. I also may have been able to witness to Clifford about Jesus Christ, which would have made a difference in the ending of his life. Only the Lord knows.

This book makes a great gift and must-have reading study guide to accompany anyone who has family members heading into the armed forces, already serving an enlistment in the military, or who’s ready to give their heart and mind to the Lord! May all our family members and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ return home from service and may all those who haven’t accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into their life do so now with a clean and pure heart.

Many thanks to God, Baltimore’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center veterans’ mental health program, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

--Airman Derek Seeney