Abundant Light

Abundant Light, written by a mother-and-daughter team, is designed to project God’s amazing light of peace in a dark and chaotic world. Cynthia Small and Jessica Small have joined hands to share personal testimonies and real-life stories to remind men, women, boys, and girls that Jesus is the light of the world today and forevermore. The main focus of this book is to encourage God’s people to stand as beacons of light and shine for Him in homes, schools, and communities so that lost souls may see Jesus through their lives. As individuals project God’s everlasting and powerful light, Cynthia and Jessica believe that God’s glory will be revealed in such a way that those who are sick, discouraged, and in despair will capture a glimpse of hope for a brighter day. The important message shared throughout this book is a clarion call for each of us to rise and shine for God’s purpose. It’s time to be about our Father’s business as never before. The authors pray that readers will make a commitment to become ambassadors who are on a mission to win souls for Christ. It is their hope that Bible believers will intentionally let their light shine so that the world will discover God’s love and power through His abundant light. To God be the glory!

--Dr. Cynthia Jackson Small and Co-Author Jessica Loren Small