Adopted and Blessed: Words from my heart

Sometimes, women are faced with an extremely difficult decision. An unplanned or unwanted pregnancy can seem overwhelming for some. Sharing the message of a loving life option and letting women know that we care about them too is so important. My hopes and prayers are that more women will make the loving and beautiful choice—adoption. I was blessed to have been adopted at birth, and I wanted to share my stories in the hope that they will touch people’s hearts. The main reason I began writing was to promote adoption and let people know about the help that is available. Each story is unique and special in its own way and reflects my pro-life mission. If you are looking for something heartwarming, funny, or just true to life, you will find it in this book. If you are looking for some type of guidance or help, that is here too. My faith in God, my family, and my pro-life work are the main topics in these stories. The words come from my heart with a sincere desire to help others. Whether the stories are fun and upbeat or of a more serious nature, I always pray that God will guide my hands and give me the right words. Included in this book is a sweet story about my adoption as well as stories about my boisterous family life as a wife, mother, and grandmother of ten. There are some really touching stories about the people I have met while helping at the Sack Lunch Ministry at my parish as well as from the past four 40 Days for Life campaigns that have been held in our parish courtyard. Blessings to you and yours! Bye for now.


--Sharla Ynostrosa