Aging with Joy and Impact: A Practical Spiritual Guide for Baby Boomers

If you belong to the baby boomer generation,-and there are seventy-six million of us-this book is targeted at you. Whether you attend church or not, this book is for you. If you grew up fearing an angry God and hell if you sinned, this book is for you. If you have that Catholic, Jewish, or other guilts about life, you will find this book comforting, reassuring, and encouraging. If retirement today leaves you feeling unwanted, unneeded, or without purpose, this book is for you. Belonging to a religion and attending services has been a way for many to check something off their "get-to-heaven" list. Going through the motions might fool our brains but not our hearts. As baby boomers (1946-1964), most of us were brought up in a religious environment that stressed obeying all the rules, or an angry God would send us to hell. As imperfect human beings, this formula did not work well for us. Guilt has flourished for decades in many religions that turned us into mechanical law observers, missing the central facet of religion that God is love and mercy, and Jesus is our model. I have expanded on the two-actually three-great commandments to give you practical applications on how, in the "third half" of your spiritual life, you can find joy in your heart and positively impact others. Enjoy my story as well as the stories of sixteen other seniors who have found joy while making positive impact on others.

--Jerry Black