Alaska Veterans

Alaska, the last frontier, has many one-of-a-kind stories, unknown often to even her residents. The Alaska Veterans Museum exists to tell and interpret these military history stories to preserve her sons’ and daughters’ military experiences and to support her veterans. The museum preserves this rich history through exhibits and displays of uniforms, weapons, artifacts, movies, photos and recordings, dioramas and models. All five branches of the US military have shaped “the great land.” Journey with us from the last shot of the American Civil War fired in Alaskan water (although it was Russian Alaska then) in 1865 through the Army building our state infrastructure, to the birth of native Alaskan rights, to stories of sons’ love for their fathers, to unbelievable heroism when Alaska was invaded and occupied by the Japanese, to an Alaskan love story. If you cannot visit us to hear these stories in person, this book brings them to you to enjoy and to be inspired!

--Suellyn Wright Novak Colonel, USAF, RET