Alex's Bedtime Mishap

Alex's idea of a summer camp is about to change. Alex is a mischievous, fun-loving seven-year-old boy. He loves adventure and creating practical jokes. Most of the time, he gets some laughs, but he also gets into a lot of trouble. With summer vacation here, Alex is sent to camp. He is looking forward to all the fun he imagines he will have away from home. While away from Mom and Dad, he can play all the practical jokes he wants. He can even stay up all night!

But Alex soon discovers that camp is not all he thought it would be. He was sure that he would have fun, but Mr. Dennis is his camp counselor and leader of his cottage. Mr. Dennis wants to know where Alex is at all times, so he has to stay with the group. The worst thing for Alex is bedtime. He hates bedtime—it's too quiet. Alex has a challenging time when all is quiet. Bedtime is not going to stop Alex from having fun. He will make sure he does not go to sleep, and he thinks he knows just what to do to stay awake. Alex discovers that some of his choices lead him into trouble. Now he needs to work out how to solve the problem he finds himself trapped in. Will he solve this problem?

--Josephine Ingram