Always A Servant, Never A Slave

This book both answers a significant question and it illustrates (gives visual evidence to) that answer. The question is, is there freedom in servitude, or can one truly be FREE, while living a life of or serving in positions or situations of servitude? I have unequivocally found and concluded that answer to be YES! The title of this book, Always a Servant, Never a Slave, reflects the required spirit (identity and attitude), heart, mind-set (perspective) and demonstrated faithfulness, that one must possess, while functioning as a Willing Servant (of God). True freedom is realized and acquired (possessed), through our awareness (and realization) of the greater reality of our spiritual: existence, purpose, and divine assignments. This affords (you and I) supernatural strength that allows and empowers us to overcome, conquer, and transcend any/all physical and negative circumstances (experience) in life, as we continue to faithfully move toward fulfilling our purpose and destiny. To illustrate the validity of my answer to the aforementioned question, I have reflected upon quite a number of my personal assignments (out of the millions of opportunities that God has given me). Additionally, it’s no coincidence, that as I am typing this Cover Summary, when the movie HARRIET has just debuted, which reflects the life, sacrifices, service and legacy of HARRIET TUBMAN. She is another great Example of someone who embodied this Same Spirit! Now, as YOU choose to Embrace and keep your eyes on that prize, of fulfilling Your GOD-GIVEN PURPOSE, regardless of your background, past experiences, limitations/struggles, location or circumstances—you (too), can be FREE to be the willing servant that HE created you to BE.ALWAYS A SERVANT, NEVER A SLAVE

--Rousell Thomas Jr.