An Exciting Experience: Sometimes God Reaches Down and Touches Someone, and Their Life Will Never Be the Same!

As a churchgoing Christian, I was always a bit skeptical if God really performs miracles but found out in a dramatic way that he indeed does, and when he does, a person’s life will forever be changed. This is my story of how God touched me and consequently changed me and blessed me beyond human understanding. This is my story of God’s interaction with me. It is a story of losing a wife to cancer, of finding a new one, and of my family suddenly expanding from three children to seven. It is a story of being called into the United Methodist’s ministry at age thirty-eight with my salary going from $30,000 to $2,000. It also shows my struggle with the rumored immorality at the “God Box” in New York City. There is a saying in Methodism, “Don’t make waves,” but I did! That conflict alone is worth reading this book.

--Don Johnson