Armed and Dangerous: Be Prepared for Battle

Are you dealing with years of oppressive demonic influences, strongholds, and unintended access that the enemy may have gained? If you answered yes to this question, this book discusses eight key powerful rights that anyone who is under spiritual attack can use to gain freedom from those oppressive demonic influences, strongholds, and to revoke access to the enemy and learn just how to remain free from the oppression that the enemy uses to keep people bound and in a place of constant turmoil.

This book offers the revelation that God gave the author to help herself, as well as others, by showing her how to read the enemy his rights. He is a thief who comes but to steal, kill, and destroy, and once the enemy has been arrested and Mirandized, he must be told where to go and remain there. After reading this book, you will come away, feeling empowered, free, and equipped with knowledge and skills that will make you armed and dangerous.

--Prophetess Andrea Dudley