Armor of God

The Armor of God provides a fresh, encouraging, and fun way for your child to learn an important, biblical task. Knowing there is no escape from trials and discouragement for our children, as parents, we yearn to protect them from dangers in their path. Ephesians 6 is one of the best instruction manual for children and adults alike to find tools to protect themselves from the darkness we all will surely face. The Armor of God is written with your little one in mind, teaching them not only what pieces of armor to put on but also how it will help them day to day. With a memorable poetic text, your child will be able to repeat this entire book on their own in no time. This will help them learn to arm themselves with God’s protection each day, as commanded in His Word. What task can you name that is more important for your child than girding themselves with God’s protection today? Make reading this empowering and equipping story to your little ones a daily habit and watch as they grow stronger in their own walk with Jesus.

--Andi L. Mabry