At the Point of Almost: From Uncertainty to Serenity

Feeling like, life has been so unfair to me, but what can I say except, ‘I’m still here.’ So, I’m determined to make the best out of it, take every opportunity as a blessing, and live the rest of my life to the fullest.

- Jonathan Anthony Burkett

As an author, I realize that life pitches many curve balls, but as long as we can handle the curves, we win! Currently, I am evolving with the gift of writing that was placed inside of me before I was preordained to exist in this world. I am by no means intimidated, nor do I feel inadequate as I communicate to others my various pitfalls. I only intend to help pull someone through their own tunnel. In addition, I am working on reenrolling in college to pursue a master’s program in Christian counseling. I enjoy helping people with my nonfiction experiences—not fiction. My five children and I are doing well. In fact, there will be a new godly priest added to our family. We will not take down or give up because we have always declared that we’re winners!

--Tiffany Donald-Lockett