Awakening: Faith, Fire, Fear, and Freedom

Knowing the Old Testament temple was a place which temporarily housed the Lord Almighty, what connection is there between that house for the Lord and the New Testament temple? First, we must understand Yahweh guided man into how the temple was to be formed, this required faith placed into action. Second, within the temple grounds there were to be sacrifices given unto the Lord from a humble heart. Understanding, there was always to be consuming fire in the inner part of the temple. Third, the Almighty is Holy and there always shall be an awe, or healthy fear, of who He is. And finally, with as freely as the Lord's goodness has been received, in freedom it should be given. Therefore, when considering Solomon's construction and finalization of the Old Testament temple, Tolander deliberates on fours generalities the Almighty uses to help bring the fullness of His presence to His people: faith, fire, fear, and freedom. Through the fulfilling of these concepts, Tolander saw how the Lord was thus causing an Awakening. Considering, this book helps bring forth a generalization of how Yahweh constructs His New Testament temple.

--Lonnie D. Tolander