Barnyard Games

On an animal farm located high in eastern Pennsylvania, next to the dark forest, the farm animals like to pass the time by playing a game of tag, led by the farmer’s two Shih Tzu dogs, Omni and Baby. A six-foot fence surrounds the farm, which the farmer put up to protect his animals from the bigger and meaner animals who live in the dark forest. The farmer calls them bullies because they all pick on the farm animals. One day, the farmer is working in the lower fields, and the farm animals are playing the game, when suddenly, a big hungry coyote leaps up onto the six-foot fence. He looks at all the farm animals who are frozen with fear. Omni and Baby know that they have to band the animals together and have enough faith to send the worst bully back to the dark forest with the help of an unsuspecting friend.

--Tony Rubino