Be Inspired: Weekly Inspirations for Servant Leaders

Do you need a little inspiration?Be Inspired is filled with over fifty-two weeks of practical, creative, devotional readings. The Pantins have written an engaging, educational, and empowering devotional inspired by their Christian faith, family upbringings, and professional roles. Be Inspired invites servant leaders (i.e., parents, educators, pastors, ministers, mentors, community activists, managers, etc.) to stay inspired while serving others. It is written as if the authors are serving with you and cheering you on. In Be Inspired, you will be reminded of the many gifts and character traits—Brilliance, Eagerness, Innovativeness, Nobility, Sincerity, Passion, Influential, Resourcefulness, Empathy, and Devotedness—God has placed inside of you to assist you as you serve others. Whether you need inspiration for yourself or you need words to inspire others, you will love the Pantins’ words of inspiration as you fulfill your God-granted assignment.

--Christian and Michel Pantin