Beauty from Ashes: An Intensive Healing Guide through the Book of Nehemiah

Standing in the ashes of intense suffering, you stare at the ruins of your life, unable to return to the life you had and paralyzed to survive the life ahead. Your soul aches, your body withers, and your heart bleeds invisible blood. It is imperceptible soul suffering, and it will bind you in a pit of despair if you let it. Take a deep breath, loved one, for you ARE NOT ALONE. Others have been where you are, and I have been where you are. God’s Word has glorious hope for such suffering, and God Himself can restore you! The book of Nehemiah tells of God’s chosen people sitting in agony and wreckage, desperately in need of rebuilding. It is the account of God directing, protecting, and reviving what was once dead back into glorious life! That same God sees you today! Hear me, wounded soul, God can resurrect beauty from your darkest of ashes.

--Jessica Bretl