Been There, Done That: Recounts of a Lifetime Journey

In this lifetime story titled Been There, Done That, Rachi Ngaine recounts and narrates personal experience of survival, coping with challenges of growing up in a traditional learning environment from early childhood in his native Kenyan village. It amplifies the appetite and personal struggles for education/knowledge through public schools, college/university, choosing a career path, and taking grueling handwritten academic/professional exams toward jobs that led to self-actualization/self-esteem and a formal retirement at age seventy-five. The book is an affirmation of a typical family’s basic value system, endurance, and human dignity.The story impresses upon a family legacy, focus, and values that;the roots of a family tree go way deep, and its branches enlarge;the relationships must be infinite unless curtailed by natural causes;the physical or economic ranking of a family member must have no consequence upon the phenomenon of belonging, identity, originality, nationality, and material support, anda family resemble God’s universal family whereby the brethren have equal rights of inheritance.Moreover, the book inspires the reader tobe a character builder, compassionate, a goal setter, courageous, hopeful, innovative, a leader, a mentor/role model, responsible, sensitive, a servant, strong, and trustworthy; andhave empathy, foresight, humor, and organizational skills.Also, Rachi’s life-changing facts of life in the United States for almost fifty years are intriguing to aspiring future immigrants into the twenty-first-century “superpower” base. The book is engaging, arouses personal traits, self-determination, triggers motivation, and assures worthiness. The “Humorous Notes” in the last pages of the book are likely to crank up the readers and even wet their eyes.Finally, the readers would be exposed to the fact that whenever there is will, “there is a way.” Ideally, God’s grace has enabled the anointed the blessings of spiritual gifts of love, joy, peace, perseverance, and self-control. The elect are promised success in whatever they undertake—in the name of Jesus. Indeed, the faithful in Christ would be moved and enticed to keep on and finish the race and win the crown of salvation. Rachi is on it! Please join in.

--Rachi Ngaine, MSPA, CPA, CGMA