Beyond Grief

Something we never imagined. We did not see it coming, and we wrestle daily to erase the stain of tragedy from our minds, to heal and hold on to to our mental health and sense of sanity. Losing a loved one is oftentimes painful enough even when expected or accepted under normal circumstances. But tragedy is mentally brutal, a sting of unrest rattling through the corridors of our consciousness replaying the how and the loss of our dear beloved.Beyond grief there is a pathway to mental, spiritual, and heart healing, and to live, we must get to the otherside.Finding peace and power beyond grief is a process we must embrace, a journey we must take, and a terrain we must tread to come into healing from tragedy and loss.Whenever I looked at you (Daniel), talked with you, laughed with you, and even hugged you, I saw a lifetime. I never imagined you would be gone or that a lifetime would end so soon. If only I could have known, we could have talked more, laughed more, hugged more. I could have expressed more how much I appreciated you and told you how much I was proud of you and just how much I loved you. But the truth is, no matter how much more or how long, I still would not have been ready to let go of you.How do you prepare for something like this? And now, we must learn to live with and live through what we were never prepared or ready for.For a while, I wrestled about feeling like I was moving on without you. Now, I realize I take you with me in spirit and in my heart everywhere I go, and we go on together! I love you!

--Sharon Graves