Bible Studies 101 and 102: For God's Glory

When God declared that He had told us all things, it doesn’t even begin to describe all the information awaiting us between the covers of the Bible. Each of the selected subject matters in this book is a condensed summary of my study of the topic as presented in the Bible with the correlated Bible scriptures cited for easy reference, reproof, and self-study.The first section of the book entitled “Bible Studies 101” is representative of some of the basic teachings from the Bible answering common questions surrounding subjects such as salvation, dealing with temptations, raising families, death, while adding a short history of the Bible, how to study it, an overview of the Books of the Bible, and more.The second section, “Bible Studies 102,” holds deeper teachings of biblical subjects like the three world ages, the Kenites, healthy foods, birth of Christ, a two-part series on angels, signs of the end times, and others.The studies are taken directly from God’s Word, unbridled by academia, religion, denomination, doctrine, tenant, tradition, philosophy or theology—just the Bible. Study resources are the King James Authorized Version Bible, the New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek language dictionaries), Green’s Interlinear Bible (manuscripts of the original Hebrew and Greek text), and Webster’s Dictionary.These studies will help open your Bible to understanding as written, but we have to read it. The Bible is His letter to us, teaching history, language, natural sciences, how to live productive, loving, healthy and happy lives, including our supernatural, spiritual, and eternal lives to follow and so much more. Our Father simply desires that His children grow in wisdom and love for Him as He loves us.

--Steven Sprague