Binding the Strongman

My assignment to write this collection of prophetic exposés on the subject of Binding The Strongman was given to me by God. It is to publicly expose some of the deceitful teachings in the Body of Christ that have been planted therein by satan: one is the apostolic session of the bishops, which is his attack on God’s Kingdom governmental order; another is his attack on God’s first ranking officers, His apostles, as well as a number of other issues the Lord had me to address proving that His apostles are more than just a function, and that His Apostles are not just a Proverb.Prophetic exposés are spiritual messages given by a prophet that publicly exposes the wicked works of satan which he has perpetrated against God’s Kingdom on Planet Earth. During this writing process, I was spiritually confronted many times about how these messages would affect those I know and love in the various Christian ministries. However, the messages the Lord has given in this body of work are too precious to Him and are vital to His Body, the Church; therefore, I dare not allow them to be squashed or silenced by the enemy. For our Lord has said these truths must be delivered to and taught to this generation. He does not want another generation growing up with these lies and deception of the past and that is why He is bringing correction now to His Church. The lies and deceptions must be uncovered, challenged, and destroyed now to undo centuries of satanic anarchy in our assemblies. God’s Word of truth, order, and rulership is being restored and reestablished in His Church.The purposes of these articles are that the brethren be strengthen by the teachings herein. Hence, I challenge you to gird up your loins with God’s truth. God is calling forth the apostles to take their God-ordained place as His first ranking officers in His Church and in His Kingdom. We are to move forward to fulfill the mandate of God addressed in the articles written in this book, BINDING THE STRONGMAN—A Collection of Prophetic Exposés.

--Apostle Magnolia M. Edwards