Blessed: Understanding the Book of Revelation

God has sent us a supernatural gift. The gift was given to Jesus who passed it to the apostle John through an angel. John went on to relay this gift (a message from God to all believers) to us in the book of Revelation. The last book of the Bible focuses on Jesus and ties the entire Bible into a coherent story through which God shows us the things which are soon to take place.This message is not junk mail or something to be disregarded. Our study will look at the book of Revelation in context with the rest of the Bible. Using the Bible, history, current events, and a few basic keys of Bible interpretation, we will unlock the meaning of the grand finale of God’s word.Do not fall into Satan’s trap of thinking Revelation is too difficult or frightening to understand. We are promised a blessing by God for reading, hearing, and heeding the message in this book. It is my prayer that as a believer, you will be enlightened, comforted, and reassured by this study, and if you are an unbeliever, you will be convinced to change your mind and your eternal future by becoming a believer.Dive in and receive your blessing!

--Dennis Turnbough

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