Blush and Bright and Your Pearly Whites

Mermaid sisters Bright and Blush live in the Cove of Hush with their father, the king, and their three best friends, Sapphire, Pete, and Trip.

Bright is the older sister and is very outgoing. She enjoys playing melodies with shells she collected from the ocean floor. Blush is the shy younger sister with a voice that “could soften the hardest hearts and create peace across the ocean kingdom.”You will experience adventures in the Briny Deep and the gossip in the Sea of Calamities; and you will get swept away to the Great Beyond.

This story is about the love of their family and how, even though sometimes in life you may lose your way, there is always a lesson to learn and others that play a part in your journey; and if you believe, you will always find your way back home. The story of Bright and Blush will take you from the sea to the air, through tears and laughter, through interactive ways of imagining a new and fantastic world. It will also explain how “every tooth lost by a little boy or little girl will one day become an ocean’s beautiful pearl.”

--Shey Waldrop