Bondservants of God: What We Believe

There are over three thousand different denominations of the Christian Church in the United States. At least a third of them claim to be the only true church. Many who make that claim also say that they are the only ones going to Heaven and everyone who does not belong to their church is lost. Is this possible, that there are so many true churches when they teach different doctrines? What was the doctrine that Christ taught and is there any church existing today that can truly make the claim of really being a true church? The doctrine of salvation, the doctrine of obedience, and the doctrine of faith have been thoroughly researched and are presented in this book of what a bondservant of God believes. To be a Christian means to emulate Christ and it is his doctrine that we must believe. If there is just one dogma deducted from the doctrine of Christ or just one dogma taken away, it is not the Doctrine of Christ and cannot be the true church.

--Dr. Robert J Medford