Book of Mantras: Bible of Ascension

This book will change your life! Mantras are meant to be spoken out loud and repeated for effect and definition. When you hold your intention within your mind, body, and spirit on the same thing, you open yourself to manifesting whatever you’re focusing on. Book of Mantras: Bible to Ascension is a book of mantras that aligns your mind, body, and soul in preparation for ascension and to send light energy into your life in order to open you to all the bliss that awaits you in the fifth dimension of existence. This reality is based on truth and love and all things of the light.You are a being of the light, and you are holding this book because you are ready, ready for ascension. Read these pages with the intent for your reality to be changed forever.With all my love and the brightest light you have ever known, your sister of the light,Sarah

--Sarah Strong