Broken: A Journey of Grace

Everyone has them: storms, whirlwinds, or news that shakes your world, turns you upside down and inside out, leaving you broken. Where do you turn? How do you even begin to put the pieces back together again or is it even possible?

The phone call was unexpected and unpredictable and left me completely broken. The out- of-the-blue, off-the-charts test results became a game changer. Leukemia was not part of my plan. As I questioned whether it was a mistake, I remembered that God either allows, arranges, or appoints everything in our life.

What are those fiery tests of faith that have come your way? Have they become defining moments and challenges that test all that you believe? No matter how prepared we think we are, there are some things that are beyond our control but not beyond His control.

Come with me on this journey of faith and find the treasures hidden within the trials and His way back from being gracefully broken to being made gracefully whole again.

--Julie G. Kennedy