Bryan and the Hallows: All Hallows' Eve

When Bryan Aarons is attacked by ghosts, he meets his Guardian. His Guardian tells him that he needs to help Melanie Lewis rescue her little sister, Mary, who has been kidnapped by a Hallow that looks like a Hulk. Bryan thinks it is impossible, but he builds on the teaching of his late mother and sets out on his mission.Bryan and Melanie follow the signs through a seemingly solid wall and into a town that they didn’t know existed, where they face giant reptiles and a very large vicious dog. They search out the entrance to the corridor that leads them down to the very gates of evil. There they rescue Mary from the evil keeper of the gates.Faith helps Bryan, Melanie, and Mary get back to safety through the corridor despite tapestries that are traps, witches, large reptiles, walking and talking vegetables, and a normally solid wall.Can skeptical Melanie rescue Bryan and Mary when they fall through a portal back into the corridor, through faith and the help of two converted hallows?

--Fannie Wengerd

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