Catching Heaven: The Keys to Spiritual Funding

In the midst of COVID-19, a full-blown pandemic—along with numerous other worldwide atrocities, calamities, devastation, and tragedies—Rev. Dr. Vic Beasley writes that too many of God’s children are “catching hell”—caught up in a perversion that clearly goes against God’s will. Even before the outbreak in 2020, the focus of many high-profile, celebrity-status pastors, preachers, and teachers, with their followers, was primarily based on financial prosperity, personal accomplishment, and material gain. This misguided focus on religion and worldly wisdom, as opposed to a true relationship with God, has left countless people emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually bankrupt and unfulfilled. Reverend Beasley changes the focus to spiritual prosperity, personal accountability, and godliness with contentment.

In Catching Heaven: The Keys to Spiritual Funding, Reverend Beasley establishes a personal approach for the advancement of the kingdom of Jesus Christ here on earth. The primary goal of Catching Heaven and spiritual funding is the furtherance of the church without walls by the emotional, psychological, and spiritual maturity of each individual during the last days. Based on godly wisdom and revelation insights found in Matthew 16:16–19, Romans 8:14–19, and Revelation 20:4–6, he provides practical guidance for continuing in the Word during troubled times as never before. Contrary to the popular Epicurean spirit of today, Beasley offers keys, concepts, and insights advanced by Soren Kierkegaard’s “Christian Existentialism” and Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy. Reverend Beasley offers inspirational growth for “born-again believers” of all faiths and religions. Ultimately, Catching Heaven: The Keys to Spiritual Funding serves to help prepare the church for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

--Rev. Dr. Victor M. Beasley M.S., D.D.