Children, Behold and Know Your God!

I often talk with my grandchildren about God. Whenever we go outside, I point out the sky, clouds, birds, butterflies, grass, and trees, saying, "God made these and everything that grows from the ground." I taught them to say grace before meals.

But I knew that was not enough. I was disappointed with myself because I was unable to explain God in a way my little ones could comprehend his awesome power and intelligence. That troubled my spirit to the point of me asking him to tell me how to introduce my grandchildren to him in a way that they would know who he is.

He answered me in a surprising, unexpected way. He said, Write them a book about me.

His words filled me with so much excitement I could hardly wait to get started.

As I began to study Genesis and do some research, I ran into a God-that made my mouth pop open. I saw the brilliance of his design that a big bang could never have produced. I saw a God greater than the vastness of the universe he created. I saw intelligence that made my brain look like a speck in comparison. The word genius cannot adequately describe him.

I give God all the glory for the contents of this book; he steered me from the beginning to the end. Once it was finished, I asked him what should I call it, and he said, Children, Behold and Know Your God.

I sat my grandchildren down next to me and read the book to them. Their eyes were opened, and they responded with surprise, questions, and made statements that caused me to laugh out loud.

When I asked God if he wanted me to publish this book, his answer was, No man lights a candle and puts it under a bush but on a candlestick, and it gives light to all that are in the house.

--Shirley Bradley