Choose Life: Exploring the Need to Confess the Word of God in Basic Circumstances

We are living in a time where almost anything is a possibility, yet nothing is certain. The only certainty seems to be some form of chaos. How would one deal with this? What’s the remedy? Well, God has already given us His point of view on life and all of its circumstances. His point of view is laid out in His Word. Therefore, it is most important that we, who are looking to align ourselves with God’s point of view, must align ourselves with His Word. Our confession is exactly how we align ourselves with God’s point of view, agreeing with what He said and allowing those words to prevail in our thoughts and speaking God’s word with the intention to not only affect change around us but to also affect change in us. When the word of God begins to change us, then the situations around us will begin to look different. I believe that the proper order of change that is exacted by speaking the Word of God starts with that life-changing word being spoken to and over us first. The words that we believe are the words that will govern our thoughts and, therefore, dictate how we approach life. The Word of God carries the ability to transform us and also cause the things around us to align with the plan of God for our lives. Bringing every circumstance and situation into divine alignment, God’s word, when spoken with correct intentions, will indeed cause the plan of God to certainly come on the scene. This pattern starts the cycle of faith—God speaks, we listen, we say what He said, and we live what He said. If we would allow this truth to penetrate our hearts, we would experience some of the most life-changing breakthroughs one could imagine.

--Tony Mustin