Church on the Golf Course: Christian Virtues Found in Golf

Do you ever wish you could strengthen your faith and biblical understanding while playing the great sport of golf? Church on the Golf Course masterfully accomplishes just that. In a simple yet profound way, Tennison Hubbard produces this short book to help you to:

• Identify the Seven Christian Virtues in the Bible and on the golf course

• Pinpoint these virtues in yourself and improve on them

• Walk the righteous path while playing the game you love

Once you’ve finished Church on the Golf Course, you’ll understand who you are and why you are the way you are a little better. By the end, you’ll gain some humility, be excited to make a few changes in your golf game and in your life, and recapture the nostalgia you had for golf when you first started playing the game.

These eleven condensed chapters are guaranteed to help you play golf and live your life as an ambassador for Christ.

--Tennison Hubbard