Churchmouse: A Memoir

Churchmouse is the chronicle of a pastor’s child nurtured in the nation’s heartland by parents who opened their hearts and their home to many along the way. What will her family do when a newborn baby is found on the church doorsteps in the middle of the winter? How will they respond when Auntie has trouble coping in her new group home? The bond between a bustling clergy home and the church family into which they were called will delight, hearten, and yet sometimes perplex this child, nicknamed Churchmouse by a dear aunt and uncle because of her quiet and cautious nature.While this is a memoir written to inform and uplift another generation of believers, it is also a tribute to the precious parents who raised Churchmouse teaching her to always see each person through new eyes, to be quick to grant mercy, and to continually find a little humor along life’s amazing journey.

--Carla Pullmann Nuckols

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