Consider It Pure Joy

Our home in Madison was in a pleasant neighborhood. Across the street was a charming wooded area with a creek running through it. It was all potentially ideal. When I was very young, I remember feeling safe and content. I even remember thinking that my parents were perfect. I’m sure most young children do.Then a stark dichotomy began forming between the real world and the world that existed in our home.I kept praying that one day I would wake up and find the whole thing had been a bad dream. Or I would find an answer that would make it OK. My answer came from the infinite wisdom of God. His answers touch us at our core – because they are familiar, like coming home.They help us better understand the present world -- so that we can leave it behind.I was not alone.I just didn’t know it yet.“Too much about God. But the intended audience will probably like it.”SW, Retired Teacher“Honesty . . . to help others.”JH, Counselor  MPHLPCC LADC“Insightful, Piercing, Comforting, hopeful”KL, Student

--Kristina M