Crossroads: Unexpected Encouragement and Direction in Lot's Story Beyond Brimstone

Why read about Lot? Just mention his name and most people think only of fire and brimstone. Sodom’s destruction is so cinematic, its story line so intense, that we assume there’s nothing else to learn. Lot’s address so overshadows his life that we lose sight of who he was. Fire and brimstone was Sodom’s story. Not Lot’s. If Lot was no more than a person living in the wrong place at the wrong time, then the writer of 2 Peter wouldn’t have dedicated three verses to talking about Lot and his righteousness. Why was Lot’s life important enough to be remembered honorably 2,000 years later in the New Testament? Why did God protect and preserve Lot? How does Lot’s life apply to us? Those questions and more make Lot worth learning about. As we peel away the fire and brimstone event, we learn who Lot is as a person. We see him weather four major crossroads of life. We feel his isolation and desperation during very dark times. We hear Lot’s responses and God’s promises. Lot’s crossroads, the choices they present, and God’s specific messages at each juncture are full of universal truths for everyone. God views crossroads differently than we do. When we see them through His eyes, our view—and our response—shifts. Be prepared to be surprised—in a good way—as you read Lot’s story.

--Lana Christian