Crossroads in Life

Crossroads in Life is a novel about the many choices we have to make in our life, determining our destiny. It is shown by the interesting stories of a wide range of characters. In the center of them is a young Eastern European girl, Ina, who comes to America, looking for her father. Being a real beauty, she barely escapes from the criminals in the human sex trafficking business. In the USA, she finds her true love and realizes her dreams. The people around the happy, successful couple make different choices in their lives and face the consequences of them. Believing in God or not also strongly affects their actions and the results.

The problems of the immigrants as well as the life in post-socialist Eastern European countries are shown by the authorís own experience. A realistic picture of the last years of our human history is the basis on which the writer builds her stories, sharing with the readers her experiences, ideas, and beliefs. She hopes that her book could help you make the right decisions when you are on one of your many daily crossroads in life.

--Rossy Chak