Crowned with Identity

What if I told you the decision for your existence did not come from your parents. What if I told you, you are more than a man-made idea, that your existence isn’t about existence at all. You were not put here to merely exist. What if I told you, you were planned before the creation of the world you now live in. That you were made to live an abundant world, changing life and you were made in the image of God Almighty himself. That He alone breathed into you so that you could live and change the world.

He gave you His identity in your mind, in your emotions, and in your body. Your creator is not your parents; therefore, your identity cannot come from them. You have an individual identity that was knit together before creation. God fashioned you to be a specific person who could never be duplicated. You are one of a kind, and you cannot be copied.

You were created with a purpose, for a purpose. In the pages of this book, I will walk you through the identity process. God needs you; He needs all of you. Every piece of your identity needs to be fluently working so you can fulfill your destiny and purpose so you can start winning victories over the battles you’ve been fighting for far too long, so addictions and generational curses can break, so your children can rise up with the identity in Christ that is on you! It all starts with your true identity!

Jesus gave us a beautiful exchange—our crown of thorns for his crown of royalty. Yes, you are literally wrapped in royalty and righteousness. God wants to walk it out with you. He desperately wants to show you who you are.

--Kimberly Hayslip