Daily Dose Of Meds: Thirty Days to Increased Life Satisfaction

Daily Dose of Meds: Thirty Days of Increased Life Satisfaction is a simple yet effective journey through increasing happiness and purpose in life. Happiness is not an entity that is out of reach. Happiness is an innate need in all humans. Happiness is the end goal for most everything we do in life. Happiness is accomplished by fulfilling a purpose in life. Purpose in life inspires you to continue to grow.

When life happens, you may feel down, discouraged, angry, sad, and lost. When this occurs, you may lose your focus on your faith, self-care and self-compassion. People lose sight of their desired purpose. Daily Dose of Meds is an inspiring reminder of the simple things in life which can make the most difference. This book contains guidelines that can increase happiness and joy, but most of all, can increase peace in the mind. Obtaining peace in the mind can restore a passion for purpose in life.

During this thirty-day journey, you will evaluate yourself and increase self-awareness. Self-awareness is believed to be an empowering tool for coping with your daily life. Self-awareness allows you to increase control over your own life, make wiser choices, and experience the rewards of life along the way. Self-awareness strongly influences your mindset, and mindset impacts life satisfaction. The most effective way to customize your life to what you desire is to know yourself and your needs. Identify your purpose and implement your foundation of beliefs and values to your everyday life. Therefore, when life happens and you feel discouraged or lost, you will also have the hope that this will not last forever. The most important action in any situation is to care for the mind, body, relationships, and soul.

--Dr. Shannon Barnes