Dark Times: A Lockdown and a Call to Arms

Dark Times: A Lockdown and a Call to Arms is a historical political thriller that explores an American revolution that broke out during a once in a hundred years pandemic that killed more than four hundred thousand Americans. As a trained historian, he explains the dynamic involved in the complicated event which has everybody on pins and needles.

He articulates the frustration and fear people experience during this pandemic. He explores the sick ideology of Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement that is attempting to destroy the American way of life. These are Communist groups who reject the middle-class way of life. They want to do away with the nuclear family and reject hard work and initiative.

He also looks at the actions Tea Party groups took to fight back against the pandemic lockdown and ridiculous mask mandate for everyone. They believed only the older and immune comprised people needed masks. As you read through this account, you will be able to feel the pain and joy the characters experience as the story unfolds.

The author tells a hopeful story about America and the American people’s future. He shows the ups and downs of families’ lives during this very troubling period of our history.

You will have a hard time putting this book down as he quickly goes from one family story to the next one. We highly recommend this tale as we are moving through the revolution we are presently experiencing.

--Michael J. Lewinski